by someone who is and always was LOCAL
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                hours and directions Look outside. It's BEAUTIFUL today! What a great day for a bike ride!

...sure, I'd go out for a ride, but my bike needs... (insert excuse here)

Even if you don't have a bike, Newport Bicycle Service can set you up with a perfect bike for your age, size and riding ability! It doesn't matter if you want to rent for a day or two or buy for keeps.
  • All work is done by experienced bicycle mechanics.
  • All replacement parts are new, top-quality parts.
  • My work experience is local. I would love to tell you about the details.
  • I am friendly with other local bicycle shops. Among us we can fix ANYTHING!
  • Whatever you have or want I have seen it, done it, fixed it, ridden it, built it and nearly broke my neck on it!
  • Bicycle riding is perfect for families, romantic dates, kids groups, adult groups, neighborhood groups or even by yourself.

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